La Rinascente di Giuseppe Colonna


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La Rinascente di Giuseppe Colonna

It's the end of the 80s when Annalisa Scimmi opens one of the few Garden of the Province of Potenza: La Rinascente. The activity focuses on the sale of artistic cement, plants and flowers for interior and exterior, La Rinascente also offers services such as construction and maintenance of gardens and green areas, and in no time become an important company in the sector thanks to the courtesy , professionalism and above all the passion for work, that customers appreciate. In the early 90s the company begins producing outdoor furniture in concrete with the help of fiberglass molds. In 2000 Joseph Colonna, son of Anna, took over the company and with the same passion of the mother and also by his father Vittorio and a ultra decennial collaborators team continues to work to meet the megliola customers by improving and expanding the services always. Since 2010, La Rinascente is online with that shop eBay success in 2013 will be an e-commerce portal where you can buy from home all items for the garden and outdoor furniture Delivery in a few days with payment by credit card or bank transfer.

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Company headquarter
La Rinascente di Giuseppe Colonna
Contrada Piano San Quirico, Muro Lucano (PZ)

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