Laboratory on tree structure and subsidence


A forest wound by the wind can become a unique opportunity to better understand the trees, their wood, their roots and points of collapse. This is why Giardinieri Bio Etici has organized an itinerant workshop led by Francisco Merli Panteghini in Cansiglio, among beech trees and firs uprooted, broken, bent.
The appointment is for January 5, from 10 to 15. The excursion in the woods Cansiglio, wounded by the hurricane of October 29, 2018, will be used to analyze dozens of cases of fir and beech trees, to increase the understanding of the trees , of the wood and of the destroyed root systems.
The contribution for the excursion is 10 euros (free for children). A maximum of 15 people can participate. The Cansiglio is snow-covered and icy, clothing and footwear must be adequate, with the possibility of changing cars. Possibility of accident insurance with an additional 10 euros.
For information (reservation is required).


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