A Landscape Manifesto for closing Ifla2016


The 53rd edition of IFLA ended on Earth Day and in this frame was launched on the Landscape Manifesto, legacy of the World Congress of landscape architecture in three days in Turin drew more than a thousand professionals from over 60 countries .The document aims to rally all of the green supply chain (anyone can subscribe to it) to protect the landscape as well in all its transformations, increasing its usability and making it a shared heritage. The recipients are thus not only professional landscapers, but also all the other operators of the green (and who want to support the idea).The Manifesto can be read and subscribe on the site AIAPP (Italian Association of Landscape Architecture).In three days at Lingotto - the organizers explain - have ruled prominent speakers as Carlin Petrini, Saskia Sassen, Pietro Laureano and Raffaele Milani, plus dozens of professionals who presented their best works in the world. He was also awarded the Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe, awarded annually to an architect of the living landscape whose works have had a decisive impact on the welfare of society and the environment. The award went to the German Peter Latz, author among others of Parco Dora in Turin. The City will also inherit the projects designed by the young protagonists of the Charrette competition, a competition which saw ten teams of young architects from many countries meet on the landscape project of Bertolla area. Winner was the Italian team at the University La Sapienza, the Brazilian team in second place and third another italiano.Sempre group in Turin will remain the big magnolia seven meters donated by Vannucci Plants, Gold sponsor of IFLA2016: be placed in a of the city's gardens and 'opened' at the World tree Day, on November 21 ".In the days of the Congress it was also held Landscapes Metropolitan, the program off events for the general public to bring to the themes of landscape, where Turin has always been linked, so that the city has recently been awarded UNESCO MAB for the park hill Po.The 54th IFLA Congress will take place in Canada. For Italy, the activities will continue on www.aiapp.net site.Photo Veronica Maniscalco"


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