Landscape: new Polytechnic-Minoprio master's degree


The new edition of the first-level master's degree in planning and conservation of the garden and the landscape will begin in February, organized by the Milan Polytechnic with Fondazione Minoprio and now in its 12th edition.
The master is structured to provide theoretical references and methodological and operational tools for the design and conservation of the landscape garden.
The course is open to 15-25 students with a university degree or degree with an architectural, agronomic or naturalistic orientation.
The aim of the master is to train people with relevant applicative tools, able to be operative and autonomous in the professional world of practical green planning - in the public and private sectors - at the detailed and territorial scale and in relation to conservation and management interventions. of parks and historic gardens.
Entries must be submitted by 20 January 2018.
For information, visit the website

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