In Parma, the largest maze in the world


The world's largest natural labyrinth, covers more than seven acres of land, which will be joined to a structure that will also host the exhibition halls, the library, the collection of works by Ricci and the headquarters of his publishing house. Everything is bathed in the green and with a lot of reconstruction of an ancient village.The heart of the project, however, is the labyrinth, consists entirely of bamboo hedges five meters high. The choice of the plant has the same Ricci explained in an interview with the Roman section of the Courier: It was the age to make me fall in love with this wonderful plant. The plant is the traditional boxwood mazes. I would have used, I were younger. But boxwood grows slowly, bamboo is fast. "From 29 May, the maze will open its gates and on the official website (Labyrinth of Franco Maria Ricci) you can book a tour from June 5: the cost of the ticket is 18 € and includes the entrance to the labyrinth, but also to exhibition section."


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