Laterlite and sustainability in the square


Laterlite is among the supporting companies of "Form ECO", a temporary pavilion for three months to the citizens of Parma offer a meeting space and awareness for environmental sustainability. This also thanks to Termopiù Leca, one of the solutions that best interprets the company's attention to this important issue.
Until 28 February 2017, the city of Parma can count on a meeting place dedicated to training and updating on issues related to sustainability and environmental education for schools. But also of an information point on the projects for energy efficiency and renewable energies linked to the territory. This is the spirit that animates the ECO module, a temporary pavilion built by the Cultural Factory Urbana with the contribution of students, citizens, technicians and sponsored entirely by companies in the sector for the next three months in the square of Peace, in the center Town of Parma, will be available to citizens, schools, associations, organizations proposing themes and projects in a large calendar of events.
Born as a space dedicated to the topic of sustainability at 360 degrees, the ECO module is a self-built pavilion of 60 square meters characterized by large energy performance; conceived as a symbol place of urban regeneration, ECO module will offer to the citizens of the capital of Emilia also an opportunity to become better acquainted with even some of the most modern technical and construction solutions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings through processes such as the assembly of wooden frame structures, the laying of coats, windows, green roofs, earthen plasters, plant and ... natural products such as Leca! In this initiative, in fact, could not to miss his contribution Laterlite, that the concepts of sustainability and energy efficiency has made its production philosophy. On this occasion, in particular, the company has participated in the making of the base on which was placed the ECO module, providing for this purpose both the materials for the creation of the perimeter curbs Stand, manufactured through the use of constructive elements Lecablocks Leca is Termopiù, expanded clay that, thanks to the special production treatment, allows to achieve crawl spaces insulated with confidence and great execution speed.
ECO module is an awareness space and teaching healthy and sustainable housing, a research tool to study, test and develop new technologies. An opportunity that Laterlite has "naturally" joined with its contribution of constant attention to the environment and to find solutions for the energy efficiency of buildings and well-being.


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