A law against topping trees


Against the practice of pollarding a law is needed, to protect trees and greenery: this is the proposal of the National Coordination Trees and Landscape, which launched an appeal following the numerous reports received from all over Italy of mutilated trees being pruned.
"They are continuous: on social media, by email, through newspaper articles. Every day is a gallery of the horrors that so many citizens from all over Italy pour onto the media channels in an attempt to denounce and create maximum awareness on the macabre subject of pollarding and mutilation of trees ", explain the coordination, stressing the importance of green on the contrary, especially in the cities, also as a barrier against pollution, as well as being a carrier of well-being in general.
"Trees should never be pruned drastically but only" caressed ", enhanced, preserved, cared for: they are the only living beings capable of producing oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide".
“When we find ourselves in front of aberrant photos of trees slain because they bother us, because they are too big, because they get dirty, it seems to witness a huge collective tragedy. We know that the destruction of those trees inevitably affects our health and we small human beings will be less protected against diseases, fine dust, polluting gases ... ”, coordination continues.
Hence the request for greater sensitivity, above all on the part of public administrators, but not only that: also of a legislative instrument that allows to counter the pollarding and the other practices to the detriment of the green, sanctioning incorrect behaviors.
Thus the appeal of the National Coordination of Trees and Landscape: “In Italy, the continuous assault on green infrastructures with damaging smearing of trees and damage to environmental goods causes damage to the mental and physical health of citizens and produces huge quantities of CO2 that is released in the atmosphere. We are dealing with a situation of real emergency because our urban and periurban green, tortured for decades, still continues to be massacred and there are no strict national laws that prevent this. The limit of Law No. 10 of 2013 lies precisely in this.
What must be done to repress and punish those who destroy the ecosystem services of trees? To whom should we turn to enforce the value of these environmental goods that belong to all citizens? Regional laws and municipal greening regulations are no longer enough to stem a real national epidemic. Currently there is no national law against pollarding and mutilation of trees and the degradation of green infrastructures. A law that finally becomes an indispensable reference point to which we can always refer ”.


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