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Discover the new range of mowers Weibang

Discover Weibang!


We are proud to announce that from February 1, 2017 we offer possibility to extend the warranty up to 3 years on Weibang mower, with Weibang engines, both for the private user and for the professional. This initiative highlights the reliability and the high quality of all Weibang products, that are the result of decades of experience engineering and manufacturing.

Here are the conditions to get the extended warranty:

1. Record the serial number when purchasing through the portal of the Web Order
2. Machine maintenance through annual checks will take place at your store.

We can claim to be among the first in our industry to offer such exceptional condition users.

The range of lawnmowers Weibang will be completely renewed in design, in fact, the coloring of the shell of all models will be black, and will be introduced several new models, including the mower with function Mulching with cm cutting width. 38 and 46, which will be added the current 53 cm model. and the mower with cardan drive with clutch blade.

One of the newest models of specific mower for mulching, is the WB384HCM, the smallest of the range Weibang, particularly manageable thanks to low weight and small size, as it features a plate of
cut 38 cm. Equipped with a powerful engine Weibang from 159 cc. with the possibility to adjust the engine speed, and a blade with different cutting edges positioned at different heights to obtain an excellent mulching.

The camber of the body is designed to take into suspending the grass clippings as possible. In this way the grass is cut several times and then completely shredded.
The shell is hardened and coated to ensure resistance to corrosion and rust, and is supplied to the front bumper. The wheels are with clean-wheel to ensure that the cut grass is not compact but
falling to the ground to feed the lawn. And 'it presents a security hub of the drive shaft, in case the blade accidentally hit a step.


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