There is a lawn on the roof of the bus


How can a bus contribute to citizen pollution reduction? Among the many and different ideas which in recent years have been developed to improve the air quality of large cities, the most original is probably due to the landscaper Spaniard Marc Granen.
A small meadow on the roof of the bus: with this insight was in the "Muevete en green" promoted in Madrid and his project was selected and implemented on an experimental basis in two urban lines, the crossing of the most polluted areas of the capital Iberian.
What can the "mobile" lawn? Not only can help reduce concentrations of carbon dioxide and fine particles, it also helps to lower the temperature inside the vehicle, which "saves" so air conditioning.
How much does a bus with lawn? The installation price was evaluated by the Foundation who realized in practice the idea of the landscape in about 2500 Euros for each bus.
In the cover photo, pictures of the green bus in Madrid Instagram account Marc Granen.

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