Lawn tractor scarifier


Jeremy is an aerator built in Italy by Agrinova that yes
attaches to the tractor, it is available in two sizes of 70 cm and 95 cm.
It is an aerator for gardens, private parks and public green areas, soccer fields and sports fields, it is practical and resistant.
It has a technology that allows two working systems: one with a shaft with mobile/floating knives – also called verticutting, because it performs a series of cuts on the ground starting from a depth of half a centimeter – the other method with a blade shaft and springs, which allows you to comb the layer of grass superficially using soft tips.
Using a scarifier allows you to regenerate the lawn by eliminating the residues that are deposited on the grass, such as felt and moss. After using the aerator, the lawn "breathes" and has more exchange with the outside.
Why is it important to pass the scarifier? Not only to remove the felt, and in the shaded areas, even the moss.
After the passage of Jeremy of Agrinova the lawn will in fact have a greater ease of exchange with the outside, a greater circulation of oxygen and will assimilate more oxygen and nutritious elements.


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