Toro mulching lawn mower, battery lawn mower, economical mulching lawn mower Mulching and collection battery-powered lawnmowers

Mulching and collection battery-powered lawnmowers


Save time and finish mowing your lawn more easily thanks to the 55 and 52 cm Recycler mowers with 60V battery and the AutoMatic drive system.
The AutoMatic feed system detects your pace and adjusts smoothly accordingly, giving you control over the mowing speed. In addition, the intelligent RunSmart software maximizes working times and performance by automatically adjusting the engine speed to suit conditions and optimize range. These are lawnmowers that can perform both mulching and collection cutting, the type of cuts can be changed simply through a lever.
Easy to store, storage space is reduced by up to 70% with the SmartStow system.
Additionally, Toro backs its products with a full warranty, not just limited coverage. Full 3 year warranty on lawn mower and battery.

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