Learn how to make a vegetable garden since kindergarten


Small green thumbs grow up, face to face with the land, plants, fruits and vegetables, learning to make the garden since very early age. This is the innovative content which earned a team of Italian designers victory all'AWR International Ideas Competition, a contest of ideas Londoner whose theme was to suggest new proposals for the construction of a kindergarten in Greenwich.The project submitted by the winners (an Italian-Dutch team, which includes Gabriele Capobianco, Edward Capuzzo Dolcetta, David Troiano, Jonathan Lazar) is called Nursery Fields Forever" and builds on the idea of bringing children to nature, through the cultivation of vegetables, or rather, a teaching garden where to learn the care of the garden and at the same to recognize the origin of what the children are on the table.From a constructional point of view, the project "Nursery Fields Forever" provides wide open spaces that can accommodate the growing of vegetables and vegetables, but also the grazing of animals and facilities indoors but with large windows for the activities to be carried out area inside .Photos from www.awrcompetitions.com"

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