Seeds are being sought for ... the library


A library of seeds to preserve biodiversity, involving citizens personally, even the smallest ones. The project, started in Mezzago (Monza and Brianza) is called “MezzAgro - Seeds, plants and surroundings”.
The goal is to create a virtuous network to safeguard and enhance biodiversity.
How? Through the direct experience of sowing, taking care of flowers and plants that are essential for the survival of pollinating insects, respecting the rhythms of nature.
"At the end of the summer - explain the organizers - we are committed to collecting, dividing and cataloging different varieties of seeds which we then place in the Seed Library, located inside the Mezzago Library. In this way they will be available to all users ”.
The project can count on new collaborations with two parks (PANE and Plis del Basso Brembo), as well as schools, libraries, pro loco, citizens.
We collect self-produced (not purchased) horticultural and flower seeds, non-hybrid and from environmentally friendly crops, where no pesticides and herbicides are used. The seeds can be placed in sachets, bags, glass jars and delivered directly to one of the many collection points in the country, specifying the type of seed, the year and the place of collection.
The seeds will therefore be available to all enthusiasts who want to participate in the virtuous circle, then pledging to return part of the seeds, thus allowing the library to continue to enrich itself with flowers and plants.
For information you can visit the Facebook page of the project at this link.


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