Light in the garden, seminars for architects


Bringing back the autumn events with "The garden meets the light" of meetings dedicated to the lighting design cycle. The new schedule includes the first two stages in Siena (28 or 29 September) and in Turin (October 18): This autumn sees Platek cycle in the shoes of unique technical partners; in collaboration with the respective Orders of landscape architects planners conservatives, participants will receive training credits registered with the useful annual retraining.
The seminars are organized by the lighting designer and landscape architect Giordana Arcesilai Simona Ventura, who organized the workshop concept of starting from the idea that "The garden is the place where nature and man meet: a meeting where creativity is at its best where the human being feels to belong to nature. "
A beautiful garden gives rich colors: the texture of the leaves, bark, flowers and it is thanks to the light that we can see them, aim it and contemplate them. "The Garden meets the Light" comes from the awareness of these essential values for life and a desire to make it a mission, creating synergies among different competencies within the lighting design and landscape architecture. During the seminars will be provided basics and practical examples to be able to move into the world of green and light among the endless proposals offered in the market. lectures alternating with concrete examples, the perception exercises of preparatory landscape design conducted outside and evening light tests, will allow participants to directly confront the world of light and its potential to enhance outdoor spaces.


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