Garden tools powered by lithium batteries? But do you really save money? And how much and how long does it take to pay off the extra cost? We talk about it with an expert in the sector Giandomenico D'Isa, who also explains that batteries are not all the same, the difference is made by the raw material, lithium, and electronic management. In addition, useful tips on how to store, maintain and recharge batteries.
The market for machines powered by lithium batteries has been growing in Italy in recent years, thanks to an increasing interest from professionals and beyond. In fact, there are many advantages in terms of ergonomics, weight, emissions, even if the initial investment is greater. However, the cost of a battery is amortized over time, eliminating the cost of purchasing fuel.
More than cost, we could talk about the value of the battery over time.
Not only that, there are also many advantages for the operator and the environment. In the case of a hedge trimmer, for example, which is used for long working times, the differences are immediately perceived: in weight, in vibrations, in the absence of emissions and exhaust gases.
Battery-powered equipment eliminates the problem of noise pollution in many sensitive or residential contexts, or during night service, allowing you to work without disturbing the public peace.
When purchasing, however, it is good to remember that batteries are not all the same: Giandomenico d’Isa explains what are the characteristics to pay attention to and what precautions in terms of maintenance and conservation it is good to take into account in order to always have excellent performance.


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