How to install the universal head Oregon Gator SpeedLoad


The system, which includes a head and a thread disk, is designed to facilitate and speed up the loading of the thread on the head, with the elimination of dead times and increasing productivity.

Each record represents a full charge, you can carry easily in your pocket and is easy to handle.

The disc, heat treated, you can halve the cost of the wire, extremely durable and with a duration of up to twice that of a standard wire.

The head of the type BATTI & VAI, made of glass fiber to increase the resistance, is characterized by the side tabs which favor the opening (without tools), the rotatable thread guide, which reduce the wear of the wire and the complete absence of parts loose so that no part will be lost.

The Gator SpeedLoad system is universal, it adapts to most trimmers with internal combustion engine on the market.

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