Plants also go on vacation


There are those who ask their neighbors, those who rely on automatic irrigation systems, even those who turn to a professional plant-sitter. But the idea launched by a travel agency in London is the last one to not abandon plants during the summer holidays: the plant hotel.
Contiki Tours - a tour operator specializing in organized trips for young people - has offered its customers to leave their home greenery on vacation as well. The departing holidaymakers will be able to leave their plants in a space specially created inside the agency's headquarters, where they will be guaranteed the best care. A five-star "green" in short.
The service is aimed at young people between 18 and 35 who will stay away from home for at least ten days. The plants must be in pots and no more than a meter high.
An expert will take care of the plants and for the more nostalgic you can even follow their holidays through the shots that will be published on Instagram.
The goal is of course to promote home greenery, even among the youngest, among which is a growing passion for gardening.

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