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Lawn mower review (2 video)

For the "Reviewed in the garden" section, GardenTV has tried the Pellenc Rasion 2 Smart cordless mower. A professional and performant model tested and commented by the professional gardener Alberto Corbetta. The video review shows the features, operation, materials and price of the model.


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We worked for an entire cutting season with the Cramer 48LM48SP cordless lawnmower using mainly mulching, one of the three cutting modes available.

During the season we only performed ordinary maintenance operations. In this video, after 60 hours of use in a garden of about 650 m2, we check the conditions of the machine at the end of the season.

We check the state of the blades, the state of wear of the plastic parts, how the front and rear wheels look after intense use.

With the new "Stressed in the garden" format, GardenTV carries out long-term tests of gardening tools, such as the lawnmower, and verifies their quality after a long-term test in the work of gardeners and groundskeepers.


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