Lower water consumption with domestic micro-irrigation


Water savings and ability to control the computer through the irrigation system: Gardena presents some innovations within the Micro-Drip-System, for watering flower beds, gardens, terraces and balconies.Aware that the consumer needs to be supported in the choice of the individual components that need to build a micro-irrigation system - explained the company - Gardena this year has created a complete range of Start Set that in addition to make life easier to the user, guaranteeing a cost savings. "For potted plants and flower boxes are five start set that guarantee precise through drip irrigation. In addition, the range includes a start specific set for the garden and flower beds up to 40 square meters with the system via microspruzzi, and four sets to start rows of plants 15, 25 and 50 m, expandable up to 30 and 100 m in which irrigate root through dripping pipes.Continue to Gardena: "To complete the news this year we launch the new dripper hose 25 m diameter 13 mm, particularly suitable for irrigating small gardens or flower beds and plants arranged in a row (expandable up to 100 m of length). Thanks to the labyrinth membrane which is fitted, the new dripping tube is self-cleaning


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