From chainsaw to tree-climbing: the next courses


Are courses at various levels and duration, aimed at those who intend to obtain professional certifications even basic ones that Mach Foundation proposes in the coming months.
Among the base paths is for example that of tree-climbing that allows you to acquire certification for "employees assigned to the access and positioning techniques ropes on trees", defined by TU 81/08: will be held May 15 to 19 for a total of 40 hours (application deadline April 30).
base level for the chainsaw module, which wants to provide the core competencies and skills in order to use the equipment safely. The course will be March 7 to 10 and will last 32 hours.
Among the proposals there is also a dedicated to the evaluation of plant stability will be compared against the main types, analyzing in detail the different techniques, in order to choose, knowing them, one of the most important instrumental investigations (April 5 to 7, application deadline March 26).
Finally, with a date yet to be determined, the use of the saw module plan, to have skills and abilities that you can use the chain saw safely in trees.
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