Machines: sales preview at the end of 2021


Encouraging data from the gardening and green maintenance machinery market: according to data released by Comagarden / Morgan, after an excellent performance in the first 9 months of 2021, compared to the same period of 2020, the prospects for the end of 2021 they have an asset of 15.3%, with a value of 980 million euros.
The moment is also favorable for foreign markets: in Europe sales were up - already in the first half - by 30%. This has pushed the exports of Italian companies: Istat data show a + 23% on the foreign trade of lawnmowers and chainsaws. Hence, the increase in production also in our country.
The battery-powered models drive growth: + 46.5% lawn mowers, + 49% blowers / vacuums, + 61% trimmers.
However, a specter looms over the gardening market, as indeed over all sectors, on a global level: it is the shortage of raw materials and the increase in their cost, together with that of energy and transport (the cost of containers also grew by 300%). The risk, as the president of Comagarden, Renato Cifarelli, pointed out, is that "the overall increase in costs can no longer be absorbed by the manufacturer and must be reloaded on the price lists".


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