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Macigni trattori srl

Our company was founded in 1981 thanks to the commitment and love for agriculture by Emilio Boulders. The seriousness and the professionalism make this very solid reality to become a reference point for the sale and repair of agricultural machinery. In the early 90's it was built the new venue along the busy highway 71 that connects Arezzo to Perugia, a strategic point that enables the company to be know even more in the industry and provide more and more services. The obsessive attention to quality and customer relations are a source of pride and hallmark of Boulders Ltd, values that Emilio has sent to the children today his direct collaborators in the company. After the completion of the new venue begins the escalation of partnership with the best brands of agricultural machines on the market: the Landini at Carraro. By the nearby workshop and qualified personnel we are able to carry out any repair in a short time, in order to optimize the workflow of our customers.
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Macigni trattori srl
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