The new board of directors of MADE4DIY


The new board of directors of the MADE4DIY consortium was recently elected, at the end of the General Assembly in the new operational headquarters in the province of Rimini.
During the Assembly, the 2022 financial statements were presented and approved and elections were held for the renewal of the positions of the Board of Directors for the three-year period 2023/2026.
The new board of directors is made up as follows:
President: Orlandelli Marco (C.E.O of Organization Orlandelli S.r.l.).
Vice-President: Marchini Andrea (C.E.O. of Ipierre System S.r.l.)
The newly elected councilors are:
- Baraggioli Dino (President of Art Plast S.p.A.)
- Del Vecchio Mirco (Sales Manager of Compo Italia S.r.l.)
- Mori Andrea (CEO of Kemper S.r.l.)
- Selvi Ermanno (Senior Sales Account of Fila Industria Chimica S.p.A.)
- Zinelli Simone (Commercial Director of Comferut S.r.l.)
The new Board of Directors immediately thanked the members of the outgoing Board of Directors for the work done to date and the Assembly of consortium members for the trust placed in them, stating that the maximum effort will be made in order to grow the activities of MADE4DIY in the coming years, giving all the necessary support to member companies to tackle the Home Improvement sector.
The new President, Marco Orlandelli and all the members of the new Board of Directors also reiterate, with great enthusiasm, their maximum support towards HIMA (Home Improvement Manufacturers Association) and all the activities that the European Association is carrying out for the benefit of the entire sector.


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