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M.A.I.E.R. snc

Our company was established in 1962 as the company founded by Mr. Sciarma Wladimiro. Sciarma Wladimiro.

It is since then that thanks to its founder, to his family and to all his workers, which the company operates continuously in the trade of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Wladimiro, with an entrepreneur character, determination and flair in business, one day decided to invest all his savings to found our company that fortunately since the constitution has always been a mainly family character as still can today see as many as four out of eight pawns in the company are part of the same family, this, as per the desire of its founder, has always been the strength of our society. historical photos

Mr.. Sciarma began its activity in a small warehouse converted from a garage on the ground floor at his home, located in the center of the village of Moiano (PG), and a small little shop nearby. At first the work of the company took place mainly in the Tuscan Maremma where Wladimiro to commercialize agricultural equipment started on Monday morning with his wagon and then return home on Friday evening. In that area he had made many friends and had found the support of people then become friends Martha, Fang and Tarquinia. In short time, thanks to his skills also passed to the trade of agricultural tractors and hence the need arose to build a small shed with adjoining workshop at the back of your own home. The work was going well, and fù why Wladimiro in 1978, with his great convictions and his enterprising character decided to form the company M.A.I.E.R. snc (name that still bears our company), the company that was made by his family, his wife Ivana and Iliana Esterina and Daughters. In the same period after forming a new company decided to build a new and larger premises on the outskirts of Moiano (PG), and thought soon became a reality, fù so that in the early 80 ', was built the largest current headquarters the company, "not far from the previous one."

With the advent of the new headquarters M.A.I.E.R. snc in 1983 became concessionaire of Same tractors and since then, thanks to put behind us, to the commitment and professionalism of those who worked there, and those who work there again, has developed ever more.
In the 90s the company has experienced two important moments, first, the Founder of his Wladimiro, on the day of the event "EIMA in the field 96 'painful death (September 8, 1996), which was represented by our company and organized for tractors Same brand, the second, the transfer of ownership of the company to his daughter and son-Sciarma Iliana Scarpelli Claudio.

The last few years, however, the year resulted in the company's two sons Claudio and Iliana, Fabio and Riccardo, crowning it the largest Wladimiro desire to see the whole family part of the company.

In recent years the company underwent a generational change with a team of young and enterprising guys who brought new ideas and new stimuli embarking on a path towards very ambitious goals.

Since 1962

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Company headquarter
M.A.I.E.R. snc
Via Ferruccio Parri 16/18, Moiano, Città Della Pieve (PG)

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