Malmusi & Nannetti snc



Malmusi & Nannetti snc

Daniele Malmusi, son of a florist father, as a child he learned to take care of plants and flowers and, once adult, he decided to do his job of the green.

Matthew Nannetti, however, worked in a cooperative as a gardener, and then decided to start his own business, founding the company with Daniele.

The company Malmusi & Nannetti was born in 2011 in Bologna from the union of multi-year professional Daniel Malmusi and Matthew Nannetti as designers and maintainers of condominium and private green areas, including parks.

We design and build green in all its kind and tailored for you: We specialize in gardening as pruning and maintenance but also create automatic irrigation systems and carry out treatments against mosquitoes and wasps.

Over the years, before and after the formation of the company, we have grown up, delivering a wide range of services.
Since 2011

You can find us

Emilia Romagna
Company headquarter
Malmusi & Nannetti snc
Via Francesco Zanardi 379/11, Bologna (BO)

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