Marazzi Giardini



Marazzi Giardini

Has always loved nature and gardening, he studied at 'Agricultural Technical Institute of Treviglio (BG) then enrolling at the Faculty of Agriculture of Milan.

Several were the work experience as an employee at specialized companies in the sector since 1997 in particular, in the preparation of terraces and gardens, also it follows several training courses such as that of landscape architecture at the School of Agriculture ParcoMonza, and to Tree-climbing, pruning and felling of trees to tall with climbing techniques.

Then chooses the self-employed career by creating the Marazzi Gardens which since 2007 working in Milan in the Design, Implementation and Maintenance of terraces and gardens, installations of underground irrigation, pruning and felling through Tree-climbing technique.

Over the past decade the Marazzi Gardens has grown, we have created many works in Milan and in Italy, we employ specialized personnel of Italian nationality, we are under than any certificates for work at height, during the pruning, but above all, we work with the same passion. Also taking advantage of the external staff collaboration.

We care so your green spaces from A to Z, from design to maintenance and maintenance over time, both of the plants that the plants accessories with skill and passion.
Our prerogative is still the design and construction of terraces milan, territory and we know very well able to work in any situation, we work with different companies, both for the construction of planters to measure, that the construction of pergolas and verandas , bioclimatic greenhouses, made of composite material and wood flooring.
We take care of your terrace, not only from a botanical point of view, but also architecture, and interior design.

Since 1997

You can find us

Company headquarter
Marazzi Giardini
Via Cesare Battisti 8, Carugate (MI)

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