Market exhibition of orchids and rare plants


Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October ORCHidea returns, the international market exhibition, dedicated to orchids and rare plants, organized by MATI 1909. An edition, that of 2022 (the seventh), full of presences and proposals that awaits even more visitors than the previous one. saw the participation of over 4200 people from all over Italy.
An event long awaited by all those who love plants.
In fact, at ORCHidea amateurs and collectors will have the opportunity to buy plants that are unique for their rarity and beauty, while the curious will appreciate the charm of orchids, rare plants, indoor and outdoor plants.
On display and sale there will be Orchids, Tillandsias, Hoya, tropical plants, carnivorous plants and outdoor ornamental plants, as well as everything needed for their cultivation and care. Interested parties can also speak directly with our designers and agronomists for advice on the design, construction and management of their terrace and garden.
Not only orchids and rare plants, at ORCHidea there will also be food excellences of the area and producers of wines and oil from Upper Tuscany gathered in the L'Urlo del vino network for guided tastings and free events. A calendar of events aimed at young and old: appointments with experts, workshops and laboratories.
FREE admission will allow visitors to both access the exhibition spaces and take part in the initiatives scheduled for the two days.
The market exhibition will be held on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October from 9 to 19 in via Bonellina 46,49 and 68 in Pistoia (Tuscany).
The exhibitors present are:
- Ecuadorquideas
- EVOplant
- Giulio Celandroni Orchids
- Orchideen Frenzel
- Orquídeas Katía
- Varesina Orchidee, for tropical lovers
- Viviana Lorenzini's casket of fog
- Orchideen Grom
- Leonardo Campinoti Tillandsie
- A Corner of the Desert

ORCHidea Partner 2022:
AgriBios - Agricultural cooperative company
Agri Vivai srl
Cesaf - Associated Technical Firm
SaSe Idraulica srl
Tossigiani Agri & Garden
Salami tradition - Verdiani & Magni
The ORCHidea market exhibition can be reached both by car and by train. Admission is free and pets are welcome.


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