The revival of the Tuscany Flower Market


An important way of renewal and enhancement is the Mefit, the Flower Market and Plants of Tuscany, after the recent change of management and the transition from the Region to the Municipality of Pescia, which took place at the end of 2016.
A concrete shift of change, the commitment by Regione Toscana to make a contribution to improving the security and functionality of the structure, while the Municipality of Pescia will continue to manage the flower market public service, partly financing and coordinating a a project for the functional enhancement of the Comicent. Just this "steering cabin" that brings together the main players in the florist sector (professional organizations and institutions) is the real news.
One of the most urgent action is the rules, as Mefit explains: "After years of difficult and complex management, we need to improve a really complicated situation, working in several directions, first of all, establishing equal rules for everyone and making them comply. In this direction, we left last September 4, with the establishment of a fixed timetable for the arrival of the producers in the market area and for the start of trading and sales. "
 "At this point it is about to cross as swiftly as possible an assimilation phase of new behaviors by those who have been working for too long in a substantially anarchic system," says administrator Antonio Grassotti.
Over the next few months, MEFIT will continue to consolidate its accounts with the positive results of 2016, which will initiate a profound reorganization of its internal organization, as well as a renewal of the services offered to operators.
With a twofold objective: to recover from the losses accumulated in previous years in the three years 2017-2019 and to make the service more attractive and engaging in the next five years.
With reference to the first objective, the semi-annual report of 31 July on the business carried out between January and July 2017 confirms an improvement in operating result (+ 5.92%) compared with the same period of 2016, mainly due to a process of cost containment and rationalization of services.
The second goal will be achieved through wide-ranging communications initiatives - including greater use of social media (Facebook and the new Instagram), reorganization and updating of the Internet site, press office activities - and the reordering of products that prelude all 'introduction of other forms of marketing, in particular e-commerce.

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