Martini aree verdi



Martini aree verdi

NTENT OF LANDSCAPE Franco Martini, owner of Martini Green Areas, in his work is always looking hidden influences in classical, oriental or inherent in the extraordinary variety of forms of nature, to make them live again, reinterpret them, to bring back the charm of nature within the confines of their own home, to create a landscape that expresses beauty and harmony. Creating a garden is to create an ideal place where man can feel surrounded by nature without feeling in danger, a place that gave the charm of magic, the dream arousing peace and serenity, a place where power research or find an inner balance filtered by feelings missed by all of our senses of sight, by smell, by hearing, by touch, by taste. to respond to the rhythms of nature that basically there is also mother. ATTENTION THE MANUFACTURER Martini Turf manufactures to measure the dream around your person interpreting your taste and your needs. It provides its inventiveness, professionalism and accuracy in all phases of work, in a constant relationship of fairness and transparency with the customer in coordination with any other yard situation. THE ACCURACY OF MAINTENANCE quality services and competitive prices in the green maintenance are offered in the knowledge that a garden is a work that must maintain and even improve the objective for which it was created. We have all facilities necessary for the protection of the green heritage of each garden or park, always with an eye to raising awareness of the customer on the benefits of any maintenance costs.

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Martini aree verdi
Strada comunale di S. Vito Revigliasco 266, Torino (TO)

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