Master's degree in design and conservation of the garden and landscape


Registration is now open at the 12th Masters in planning and conservation of the garden and landscape to be held at Minoprio Foundation in November, thanks to the collaboration of the school with the Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic. A collaboration that has been established in 2003 with the birth of the master, after a first trial of a course intended for professionals of the green design comincinata by 1996.
"The master - reads the official presentation of the educational activity - takes place in the headquarters of Minoprio, in the province of Como, whose park and whose greenhouses are the laboratory for knowledge of plant materials with which you design: the teachers of the school transmit this knowledge. The training component related to the design and historical culture, without which it can not operate in the Italian territory, are developed by the Politecnico professors and professionals. "
Are already more than 200 graduates who attended the master and who today work in private practice or public entities in Italy or abroad involved in the design, the recovery and maintenance of public and private green.
To promote contact with the world of work, hours of training are provided. Overall are 1500 hours of the master, including classroom lessons (on five educational areas: recognition and use of ornamental plants, analysis and design landscaping, public parks, history and garden restoration, landscape protection and conservation), practical exercises, internship and individual study and a study tour in Italy or abroad.
"The project of the Master - even the organizers explain - responds to the increasing demand in recent years by landscape experts able to operate in the public and private for the preservation and enhancement of the landscape and historical parks and the development of new projects in the natural and decorative greenery sector on different scales. "
The master will begin November 9, 2016 and will end with exams at the end of October 2017 (applications for admissions may be submitted until October 24, connecting to site).
It is intended for those with a university degree or the old system undergraduate, specialist or master's in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Forestry Engineering, Territorial Planning, Industrial Design, Sciences / Agricultural Technology, Forestry, environmental Sciences, natural Sciences, Life Sciences to biologicoecologico address.
For admission are provided a test and an interview and will also evaluate the degree mark; the entry fee is € 5500 in two installments. For information, write to


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