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Mayer Braun Deutschland srl

Mayer Braun Deutschland has weird name for an Italian company, which embodies the spirit of initiative, the intuitive and entrepreneurial capacity of its current president Massimo Donadon, personalities which are certainly not lacking courage, intuitive power, creativity, motivation, as well as a great knowledge of his product, unique in the world. His great specialty, for which he is known throughout the world, is the ability to catch mice and rats with absolute determination, in accordance with the security parameters of the current regulations, the environment and human health. Maximum Donadon was able to characterize over time the brand identity, exploiting the opportunities have arisen in the development of new product families (Insecticides - Vespa Mayer, Sanitizing), making real innovation without neglecting the knowledge of their own history and always wondering what is its true essence, where it wants to go and what objectives it aims to achieve. The Mayer Braun Deutschland activities not currently reaches only interventions against mice and rats, but was able to develop other lines of products: Insecticides, repellents, Sanitizing. The arduous mission was to create new, innovative, not existing on the market capable of solving specifice requirements in line with our philosophy, our history and the same quality of products rodenticides. These in brief are the conditions of the birth of a single product like VESPAMAYER. There was on the market a product that had the ability to deliver to more than a meter away, and if they wanted to eliminate the problem related to wasps and their nests (VESPA MAYER FOAM) you had to find a new format (750 ml) that He was capable of delivering over 6 m, to allow the operator to eliminate the problem in total safety. The intuition was successful and what determined reference the birth of a single product (registration no. 18143 of 24 June 1997) for the consumer, and only able to be emulated by multinational corporations and not. This success led him to complete the product range with exclusively formulated for the market, capable of ensuring that products such as those against the tiger mosquito, ant, fly and features cockroaches indisputable and recognized by the market for effective results.


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Mayer Braun Deutschland srl
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