Medici del Verde



Medici del Verde

The firm of gardening Green Doctors was founded in 2010 from an idea of Luigi Strini, a gardener in love with nature and its magic, its perfumes, its colors and even his whims. Luigi Strini, owner of the Green Doctors, deals with gardening for 15 years, first as a nurseryman, maintenance and sales representative, then as coordinator of technical department of a big company in gardening.

The Doctors of the Green with the collaboration of specialized gardeners and dealing with: routine maintenance of green areas, grass cutting, pruning hedges, shrubs, fruit trees, pruning tall platform and tree-climbing systems drip irrigation and underground and in general of the beauty and health of parks, gardens and terraces.

Some of the clients who have entrusted the care of their gardens to the Green Doctors: Italian Post, the Cooperative Credit Bank of Rome, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, embassies, hospital centers, religious institutions, public figures gardens, politicians, and individuals.
Since 2010

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Company headquarter
Medici del Verde
Via Santa Croce sull'Arno 9, Roma (RM)

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