Meeting with founder of the architecture of trees


“Alle sorgenti dell’architettura arborea” is the title of the day organized by (Arboriculture Estense) along with Camillo Cavour Foundation, which will feature Hallé Francis, the founder of the discipline known as the architecture of the trees.
The conference, to be held May 10th (starting at 8:30), is the first of a series of conferences that intend to bring in Santena (in the province of Turin), the major personalities of the international arboriculture scene.
"Not only reports - the organizers explain - each student will leave their own personal contribution to enrich the narrative and the understanding of this place, unique and fascinating, representative symbol of the history of our country".
To register for the meeting (valid for achieving credits Isa) or for information you can write to the secretary of Cavour Foundation ( or call

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