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Messer Tulipano, protagonists bulbs

Messer Tulip, protagonists bulbs


To Pralormo Castle are well 75 thousand bulbs of tulips and gardens that will announce the arrival of spring: the April 1 start in fact the eighteenth edition of "Messer Tulipano", the event which continues until May 1 with special initiatives all dedicated greenery and flower gardens.
"Like every year - the organizers explain - the planting is completely renovated in variety and in the project-color and will house among the many curious varieties."
There will be a collection of blacks tulips and a path through the undergrowth dedicated to parrot tulips, to viridiflora, with flowers of lilies and tulips to the frills from the frayed ends. Among the special features of flowering 2017, thousands of tulips and old, which is rare for these pink flowers, delicately scented maintained by generations of farmers in Piedmont and now welcomed in the castle grounds. If the name of this ancient variety, cultivated along with other bulbous plants to ensure bouquets of tulips at the Turin markets, has been lost over the years, the delicate nuances of their blooms and the fragrance so popular with "took our orders" in Turin, they have remained unchanged .
The event involves the whole park, designed in the nineteenth century by the court architect Xavier Kurten, creator of the most important gardens of the Savoy residences. In large meadows they were created flower beds with soft and sinuous shapes, designed with particular care not to alter the historical and prospective system. The flower beds, then "meander" among the olive trees, while in the undergrowth peep tufts of muscari, blue bell and daffodils.
Every year the exhibition presents new productions and themed exhibitions. For the year 2017, the collateral subject will be "The trees tell" with displays and themed exhibitions. On the occasion of this eighteenth edition it will be inaugurated a new entrance, enriched by an avenue of young Japanese cherry trees, clouds of pink flowers surrounded by the same color tulips carpet. There will eventually be a number of special initiatives and thematic meetings for all.


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