Messer Tulipano Pralormo returns with 75,000 flowers


It was 1999 when Consolata Pralormo, after a trip to Holland, he decided to create within the historical park of the family castle a great event that had just tulips for protagonists. Since then, every year, 75 thousand tulips bloom every year in Pralormo, in the province of Turin, with an ever new and ever new planting in the variety and color. The planting - the organizers explain - takes place in late autumn, involving ten people for over ten days. It offers some rare and unknown varieties to the Italian public, but also varieties chosen to illustrate the history of the tulip. "Compo will be at the Castle of Pralormo for the duration of the event from 2 April to 1 May, for the seventeenth edition of the event, which will also be accompanied by a theme show."


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