Metalmark Capital invests in Valagro


Valagro announced today that it has received an investment of capital for growth by Metalmark Capital, a private equity fund based in New York who has experience in the food industry. Valagro will use the proceeds of this investment to fund initiatives aimed at organic growth in strategic markets such as the bio-stimulants and biocontrol, and to expand its range of customized solutions for farmers and agricultural producers. With this Metalmark Investment has acquired a minority share of Valagro Group. The financial aspects of the transaction were not disclosed.

"We are excited about the partnership with Metalmark, because it allows us to continue to enrich our history of success than thirty years in the manufacturing and marketing of bio-stimulants and special products for agriculture," said Joseph Natale, co-founder and CEO of Valagro. "With the support of Metalmark, we will continue to take advantage of future growth opportunities, while preserving our commitment to innovation and the offer of products and high quality services to our loyal customers. Metalmark consider as a long-term partners and we are ready to leverage their expertise and financially capacity and industry, at a time when we are entering a new phase of growth and we continue to expand our global presence. "

To date this is the first investment by an institutional investor in Valagro.


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