Miani società coop



Miani società coop

MIANI GARDENS GARDENS specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of public parks, private, industrial and sports. The gardening services are held both at the private gardens, public, service, business and for periodic maintenance and for the redevelopment works of green areas underutilized. Especially the wide open spaces, such as parks and gardens, both public and private, require targeted and specific, by professional gardeners and experts familiar with all the secrets of flowers and plants, through which preserve the beauty and harmony that the natural green can donate. If your lawn, park or garden needs a makeover or a simple cleaning, please contact the professionals. The work will be performed by highly qualified and experienced staff, in respect of the plants and their natural habitat. We own the attestation S.O.A. for participation in a public contract for the category OS24 - Green and urban furniture, Grade II.

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Miani società coop
Via Maj 24, Bergamo (BG)

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