A microchip to save the trees


There are 82,000 monitored trees, starting with the more impressive ones, such as plantains: Rome relies on a microchip to monitor the health of the green. It is called Vta, Visual tree assistance and has been chosen to counter the "slaughter" of fallen trees.
The tool is able to say "how the plant" is, to decide on any interventions
The appliance carries out a history of the tree: it collects information and reports on the condition of the stem, branches, leaves and roots. The first "guarded" are the so-called "primary trees" such as pine trees, planks, laws and others that are at or above 20 meters high. For the moment, 82,000 specimens, over 320,000 of the capital's trees.
The purpose of the monitoring is to decide whether intervention, for example pruning, and what kind of work is needed. The ultimate goal is to "secure" Rome's public greenery, also to guarantee the safety of citizens, given the recent cases of trees collapsed as a result of bad weather.
In order to carry out the interventions, the city has taken over 30 new gardeners who add to the 170 serving, in addition to the 50 civic operating maintainers, as the Environmental Assessor explained.
Source Ansa

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