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Urban gardening and the cultivation of plants, including vegetables and herbs – in the garden, in the kitchen garden or in pots on the balcony – have experienced a real boom in recent years. For this Gardena has created the new MicroCutting line, made up of VeggieCut, FreshCut, GripCut, HerbCut and MultiCut.
Five cutting tools designed to guarantee the right support for every need for harvesting and plant care.
Gardena MicroCutting, watch the video.
The VeggieCut harvesting knife, thanks to its sharp, sickle-shaped blade made of stainless steel, ensures easy and clean cuts in one stroke. Thanks to the belt holster with sharpener, with which it is equipped, the knife is always sharp and close at hand. VeggieCut is the perfect companion for picking vegetables, as well as gently cleaning and peeling them.
The FreshCut herb and flower shears are particularly suitable for picking fresh herbs, berries or cut flowers. Thanks to their sharp, narrow and very tapered precision blades, they offer high performance in any application. FreshCut ensures clean cuts right down to the tip, even in confined spaces. The supplied safety cap allows for the safe storage and transport of the scissors. [Sell and buy on the first gardening classifieds site Affari in Giardino.it]
The GripCut scissors, like the FreshCut, have precision tapered stainless steel blades. Ideal especially when one hand is already occupied, the scissors have an integrated grip function, which allows you to cut and hold the severed part at the same time, without dropping anything on the ground. Equipped with removable clips for easy cleaning of the blades in the dishwasher.
The HerbCut scissors, thanks to the robust blades they are equipped with, are particularly suitable for cutting woody stems, such as rosemary, sage or thyme. Furthermore, thanks to the three holes positioned between the two handles, they are ideal for easily defoliating rosemary or other woody herbs: the stems are positioned between the handles, pulled and the leaves come off easily. With a nod to sustainability, HerbCut herb shears are made in Germany and the handles are made from over 70% recycled plastic.
The new MultiCut are the multipurpose scissors for the home, garden and various hobbies. Thanks to their robust stainless steel blade, they cut paper, cardboard, string and much more with particular precision. They also ensure long, straight cuts. The MultiCut multipurpose scissors are also made in Germany and have handles made from over 70% recycled plastic.
All models of the new MicroCutting scissors range are equipped with ergonomic handles with soft components, which allow comfortable use even after a long period of use. All models are suitable for right-handed and left-handed users. The blades are made with materials suitable for food contact and cleaning in the dishwasher. No plastic is used in the packaging, only cardboard, which can be easily recycled after purchase. GARDENA offers a 25-year guarantee on the entire range.

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