In Milan public general public


Third edition and first milestone stage for the general public states on 21 November.

They explain the organizers: "The traditional appointment planned and organized by the Public Environment Development Committee of the Ministry of the Environment on the theme of green policies in Italian cities will be divided into 4 sessions, from the inauguration in the afternoon of November 20 Rome until the end of November 22 morning in Florence. "
The Milanese session will be held in the afternoon of November 21st, with the participation of Ispra - the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, with the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and with the support of Assoflorolombardia.
The Public Development Committee is the institutional body which, under the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, has the task of implementing Italian law no. 10/2013, entitled "Rules for the Development of Urban Green Areas".
In order to stimulate debate and debate, but also policies that are active in the area, the General Public Generals States will be launched on 2015 at the National Tree Day on 21 November. An opportunity to blend, mix and contaminate as many experiences, skills and languages as possible in the name of a high common goal.
The detailed program will be available in the coming days.


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