The second edition of Milan Green Week


From 26 to 29 September 2019 the second edition of Milan Green Week will take place, the event of the Municipality of Milan aimed at the promotion of the green and the spread of the "Green" culture.
Also this year citizens, associations, committees and companies will be able to propose and create their own events, workshops, workshops, shows, etc. To do so, it is necessary to register through the form on the website (by 1 July).
Milan Green Week dresses the city with green
Founded in February 2018, following in the footsteps of three previous successful experiences and with a new institutional hat, Milan Green Week is the tool of the Municipality of Milan that shows citizens how the city has changed and how it is able to involve citizens in the decision-making and change process.
Milan Green Week highlights the strategic role of stakeholders and the right choice to get in touch, through meetings, workshops, walks, conventions, exhibitions and shows, with the needs of the city. Participating in Milan Green Week means being part of a movement coming from the bottom, capable of transforming the city in three days, but also being the creator of the planet's future.


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