The orchard of Milan where he tells it is DIY


Stroll among the 26 rows of the orchard, choose among the 2000 plants the fruits that you prefer, collect them, pay them and take them home. The idea, which translates into the English slogan "u-pick" (lately of great popularity) has been applied in Milan to the orchard of a farm that is located 2 kilometers from San Siro.
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"FruttaInCampo" is located in via Caio Mario in Milan and is an initiative created by a group of friends and agronomists, as stated on the web page of the orchard.
"The aim is to produce fruit in a healthy way that can be harvested directly by the consumer at the time of its maximum ripeness. This allows you to always bring fresh fruit to the table, matured on the plant and therefore rich in flavors, aromas and nutrients ".
The orchard covers 2.4 hectares and offers 9 species of plants: apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots, peaches, vines, blackberries and blueberries, present in over 60 varieties.
The fruit is produced with environmentally friendly methods of cultivation, they explain from FruttaInCampo: the water is pumped from a well protected from superficial spills; the orchard is fertilized with manure and fertilization with borland is practiced. Covering nets are used to protect plants from insects in order to minimize treatments, while for the main diseases, products permitted in organic farming are used, such as copper salts, sulfur and other products.
No systemic pesticides are used, ie those that enter into the circulation in the plant. This means that you can eat the fruit safely after a simple washing in water.
For more information, visit the Facebook page of FruttaInCampo or the website (from which the cover image is taken).


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