Fondazione Minoprio becomes a 'smart park'


A new way to explore and learn about green: on March 21st, the Minoprio Foundation is planning a conference to present the project carried out in collaboration with the University of Milan, Italian companies and technology hubs, thanks to which the Parco di Minoprio will become one "Smart park": in fact it will be equipped with devices and sensors capable of restoring the mood of the vegetation of the garden with the changing seasons and telling paths where you can talk with nature.
The system will allow the user to automatically receive free graphic information cards on specific areas: texts, pop-ups, images, audio and video, links, all to tell the context, the species, the climate, the condition vegetative, botanical characteristics, the evolution of the area. In short, an augmented reality park.
They explain from the Minoprio Foundation: “The Park was ideally divided into thematic areas articulated in an experiential journey in the Emotional Park. The plants will speak in first person, using the information coming from the installed sensors, then an innovative digital ecosystem as narrator of a social profile that describes the seasonal evolution of the vegetation and the growth of the park every day, to contribute to cultural growth and respect for the green. A stimulating and unique experience! ".
Smart park is a system designed to tell public and private parks, botanical gardens, nature reserves in an interactive path that makes them smart, as once again the School of Minoprio proves to be smart in providing students, professionals and visitors with a innovative and cutting-edge system.
Conference program on Thursday 21 March
9.00 Registration of participants
9.30 Dr. Stefano Peverelli, President of the Minoprio Foundation
Welcome greetings
9.45 Francesco Tozzi, journalist publisher "Edizioni Laboratorio Verde" and moderator
Introduction to the work
10.00 Dr. Agr. Fabrizio Salto, Ecospheris - Inverness srl
The Smart Park project: innovation and content
10.30 Prof. Marco Acutis, State University of Milan
Agronomic aspects: botanical and cultivation characteristics
11.00 Dr. Lino Longobardi. E.S.A. SRL
The park is told: how it is born, grows and transforms
11.25 Ing. Antonio Iannuzzi, Analist Group SRL
The inspiration of the park: how it excites, what communicates, where it takes us ...
11.50 Dr. Anna Zottola, Head of Minoprio Foundation Formation
Students collaborate at the Smart Park. Introduction to the visit
12.00 Questions and discussion
12.30 Visit to the park with practical demonstration of the system
13:00 Aperitif

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