Tree climbing: novelty for Minoprio Foundation courses


Scheduled since autumn, the upcoming editions of the tree climbing courses proposed by the Minoprio Foundation are enriched with important novelties.
The 40-hour courses are scheduled from 9 to 13 October and from 11 to 15 December.
First, the certification issued for the 32 hours of training, inherent in the contents of the relevant legislation (Annex XXI of Legislative Decree 81/2008), valid throughout the national territory and seen by ATS Insubria, is enriched with A further certificate issued by the Minoprio Foundation, relating to the training on the "Proper use of the 3rd category specific for the Tree Climbing sector"
"Furthermore - the Minoprio Foundation site where the courses are presented - to complete the training, during the course, the 3T Training Instructors will address the theme of 'Correct Use of the Top Handle', the so-called 'Top Handle' .
All the details and practical information can be found in the course card that can be downloaded from

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