mncg srl



mncg srl

Communications agency, creative workshop, graphic or digital studio agency?

The truth is that every new project is like a piece of land that give attention and care, knowing that the only way to get good fruit, fresh and flavorful that we all expect.

Every day we create marketing and communication projects with the aid of techniques and disciplines of the most current: lead generation, social media, content marketing. But we are proud of our roots, which lie in graphic design, below the line and editorial experience. Skills which together with the digital tools generate real holistic strategies of communication.

Not a channel, a tool or a discipline, rather a set of activities in synergy with each other that, step by step, day after day, generates impressive results and a positive outlook towards the future.

We called fresh marketing. A concrete approach, newspaper, aware and personalized, and above all geared to creating results and new opportunities.

That's right, how do 'with the earth.

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mncg srl
Via Cesare Ajraghi 40, Milano (MI)

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