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Mondonatura srl

Green represents a natural extension of the places where people live. For this reason, gardens, parks, terraces, green walls must be designed following the signs and the unique and personal motivations of each our client.
Our working methodology is so simple and extremely strict:
We listen to our customers' needs, we investigate the reasons behind their demands and above all, we would like to suggest ideas, plants and online environments with the emotions that we must preserve and inspire.
The project, therefore, takes light only after a first interview with the client, to understand what are for him the values to find the green, which are the areas to be exploited, such as the direct involvement of our customers in the maintenance and care.
The soul of the project will ALWAYS Agricultural Expert Giuseppe Carbone, who will identify the needs of customers, then work together with specialized gardeners to realize in detail the identified solutions.
There is no default project, there are no standard solutions, there are no forms or packages, because all our gardens are unique, as unique are our customers.
The Mondonatura S.r.l is Sita in Scicli, Province of Ragusa, we perform photographic and planimetric design work for the development of gardens. We choose the various species of plants according to the zone and to certain exposures criteria, temperatures, etc. Our company policy is based on a basic concept: Each Cottage has need of his touch of green, it can be achieved in economy and with a touch of panache, or masterfully created for the needs of cliente.Effettuiamo assitance agricultural technology, based on fitonutrizione and plant diseases, technical assistance fee to crops from reddito.Il our client will be followed by a technician for the care and maintenance of their giardino.Inoltre if you request the realization that we can supply professionals can svilluppare the project or your ideas .

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Mondonatura srl
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