Monumental trees: now Italy has a list


A very important tool to know and enhance the national arboreal heritage: the first list of monumental trees in Italy was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. This is a list, divided by regions, made up of 2,407 trees that stand out for their high biological, ecological value (for age, size, morphology, rarity of the species, habitat for some animals), historical, cultural and religious importance they cover in the contexts in which they grow up.
An ad hoc section was created on the site here you can geolocate the trees and discover their characteristics.
"This first list - said Minister Maurizio Martina - is a useful tool to spread the knowledge of a collective natural and cultural heritage of inestimable value.Monumental trees have a strong identity value for many communities and for this we want to promote and enhance the their knowledge among the citizens ".
The list of monumental trees, belonging to native and alien species, consists of single individuals, rows, groups and trees, rooted in agro-silvo-pastoral or urban contexts. The evaluative approach that led to the attribution of the monumental character and therefore to the list listing has been attentive not only to the environmental context, but also to the historical and landscape context in which the tree or the homogeneous system of trees insists.
The list is the result of an intense cataloging activity carried out, in a coordinated and synergic manner, by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Regions and Autonomous Provinces and Municipalities, which the law indicates as direct operators of the census. To the institutional subjects were added, for scientific support, the Research Center for the agrobiology and pedology of CREA, and for the valuable activities of reporting Park authorities, educational institutions, agronomists and forestry professionals, environmental associations and citizens.

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