The most beautiful flowering in Italy is in Biella


Goes to the Osa Zegna Rhododendron Basin (in the province of Biella) the title of "The Most Beautiful Flower of Italy 2017" at the end of the survey launched online by
In the protected natural area between May and mid June, hundreds of rhododendrons flourish, transforming the first section of Panoramica Zegna into a palette of colors of extraordinary beauty.
The over 1,000 affiliates of the network of the Most Beautiful Parks of Italy are here. Between a selection of twelve important blooms, visitors voted their favorite through an online survey launched on social media pages. Thousands of users have expressed their preference among the blooms offered by spring in the green paradises of our peninsula.
The absolute winner, who collected the majority of the votes cast, was the Oasis Zegna in Trivero (Biella) with its famous Conca dei Rododendri, a large mountain area of about 100km2 crossed by the Panorama Zegna road in the Biellese Alps Just over an hour from Milan and Turin, the ideal destination for mountain lovers, families and sports enthusiasts.
A mountain with a natural shape of the territory that allows you to live it in a slow way, a territory that welcomes, fascinates, allows you to admire the countless panoramas and enjoy the spectacular nature of the landscapes.
Desired by Ermenegildo Zegna who has housed azaleas, dahlias, hydrangeas and many hundreds of rhododendrons, the Rhododendron Basin has assumed the present physiognomy thanks to the great landscape architect Pietro Porcinai and more recently to architect Paolo Pejrone.
The Rododendri Conch also offers a convenient path for disadvantaged people and a cozy picnic area among the birches. Do not miss the "Two Way Mirror / Hedge Arabesque" work by Dan Graham as part of the Contemporary Art project at APERTO: a distinctive steel and refractive glass structure that envelops visitors in a reflex, Multiplying its gaze on the surrounding landscape.
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