New mower Aluminum Prodi Efco and Oleomac


Suitable for professional use, the models of lawnmowers AR 53 TK Aluminium Pro and AR 53 VBD Aluminium Pro Efco; MAX 53 TK Aluminium Pro and MAX 53 VBD Aluminium Pro Oleo-Mac are ideal for working large areas. The 4-stroke engines are designed with advanced technology capable of ensuring ease of start-up and high performance even in the face of a prolonged use in time. The robustness of the structure is guaranteed by the single speed transmission steel, from aluminum wheels with replaceable bearings and tread, designed to ensure optimum grip on any surface, and the chassis reinforced die-cast aluminum, highly resistant to wear and corrosion. The mower Aluminium Pro are equipped with central cutting height adjustment device controlled by means of robust and ergonomic handle, allowing you to adjust 5 position the machine, simply and effortlessly, second cutting heights between 30 and 70 mm. The ergonomics of the handlebar, divided into two parts and foldable, reduces the overall dimensions and at the same time improves the maneuverability of the machine. These mowers are equipped with plastic and canvas, robust and versatile (with full bag indicator bagger), a back door, which lets you download the grass directly on the ground, it is also possible to simply convert to mulching without use of tools.


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