A motor mower for the 100 best inventions of 2015


A revolution in the field of the mower: why the American magazine Popular Science has decided to include in the list of 100 most significant innovations for 2015 also engines EXi Series Briggs & Stratton. Thousands of product candidates were evaluated according to criteria of design quality, originality, and the ultimate goal of the project.The engines EXi Series - explanatory Briggs & Stratton - are the first gasoline engines that require extremely easy to maintain, without tools for basic operations and even eliminate the need to change the oil: enough supply once and then check the level and top up if necessary. Using an air filter paper from the automobile and technology overhead valve (OHV), these engines are highly protected from debris and impurities, ensure less vibration and to be silent, which also reduces the temperature of 'oil and slows wear. "They also feature goodwill ReadyStart to eliminate manual operations before goodwill, without priming the carburetor, without air control lever, to make starting easy and immediate. To start the engine, just pull the rope, with the Briggs & Stratton warranty S2 Guarantee that the engine will start up within two pulls."All of our innovations are based on the input we receive from consumers. They tell us what would make their lives easier, and we work to turn these wishes into reality," said Herald Da Pozzo, Sales Manager South Europe Briggs & Stratton."


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